Best Vacuum for Stairs

Finding The Best Vacuum for Stairs

When cleaning your stairs at home you want a vacuum cleaner that is going to be easy to use and get the job done. There are several things to think about when considering what makes a good vacuum cleaner for stairs such as maneuverability, effectiveness, reaching into the corners and weight to name a few. A lot of people make power a priority and while that might be a factor, for you stairs the top consideration should be is it easy to use on the stairs! There is no point in spending money on a vacuum you have to battle with each time you want to do the stairs. Here are some other things to think about when looking for the best vacuum for stairs.

Best Vacuum for Stairs

Types of vacuum cleaners

When you want to purchase a vacuum cleaner for stairs the key word you want to find in its description is lightweight! A lot of uprights at full size are not lightweight so it is quite possible you have a cleaner already that you are happy with in terms of cleaning the rest of the home but it is not something you find easy to use when it is stair cleaning time. If you prefer the upright style but want one that could work on the stairs there are some lightweight models that could work. Some come with canisters that detach like the Shark Rotator all in one cleaner. You can even get cordless ones.


One option in this case would be to get yourself a handheld vacuum cleaner for stairs. Good brand names like Dyson or more affordable ones like Eureka do some good handhelds that are easy to move around the home and light to hold. Some are quite powerful too so can even handle pet hair or more worked in debris. Some later models even come with their own attachments and some are cordless too if you do not want to deal with a cord and want the option of using it for a car.

Features to look for in a good vacuum cleaner for the stairs

The key components to a good vacuum cleaner for stairs are the same whether you go handheld or upright. You want lightweight, portability, long cords or cordless, attachments for small areas and crevices, a portable canister if it is an upright and it would be great if it had a pivoting head. While there are varying degrees in how much a pivoting head moves, something that does 180 degrees would be good. VacuumPick has a detailed list of the best vacuum cleaner for staircase. Checkout VacuumPick’s Best Vacuum For Stairs.


Attachments can be very helpful when you are doing awkward cleaning like furnishing and stairs. Deep cleaning brushes and crevice tools will help you get to the corners and reach into the carpeting if there is some and get out even deeply imbedded pet hair. Just make sure that there are not too many which then puts more weight on the cleaner or makes it awkward to use. You should at least want a hose that is 3ft or longer and a crevice tool!

Many people do better with a cordless cleaner when it comes to stair cleaning. You can get handhelds with Lithium Ion batteries that are rechargeable so that you do not have issues with power fading. Such a device would also be very handy for people who have pets to clean up the occasional clumps of pet hair, as well as for people who live in busy homes where the occasional accident happens and needs cleaning up. Get one with several brush options and the best kind of filter (HEPA) so that there are fewer tiny particles left floating around your home.




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