Sebo X4 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Sebo X4 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

There are several upright vacuum cleaners from the Sebo Automatic X range, each precisely designed and made to be effective cleaners without needing a whole lot of effort. They are vacuum cleaners that are reliable and innovative using a computer control system which not only helps make sure the brush is at the best height all the time, it also makes the cleaner perform better.

Sebo X4 Automatic

How the Sebo X4 Automatic performs

Sebo X4This machine has been made to give the top performance it can and that electronic controller is its best feature. This is like a brain for the upright vacuum cleaner, it regulates the resistance of the brush roller against whatever surface is being cleaned. If there is too much resistance the controller lets the power head know so that adjustments to the height can be made. This means you get the best performance out of your vacuum cleaner without having to put in effort yourself.

This is not the only thing the controller can do. It can also look out for things like brushes that become too worn, hoses that get clogged and how full the dust bag is getting. When the warning system finds an issue like that, the controller will let the user know or close the vacuum down. This means as well as improving the cleaning performance of the cleaner, the controller improves how long the cleaner lasts by preventing damage that can happen to components from general use.

Other great features mentioned also on this vacuum cleaner review site is that improve their performance are the 1100 watts of power, making it more powerful than most other competitors, and it has an acceptable 11m radius. The Anti-allergy design means it is good for cleaning homes of allergy sufferers and it has gotten the stamp of approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

Weight and Maneuverability

For upright designs that are lightweight and sleek you might look to the Automatic Pet Upright and the Automatic X4 Extra. You get maneuverability and a cleaner that is easy to lift and move around the home without any kind of strain or risk of injury. No matter your age or current health these are effective and light cleaners easy to use. A lot of uprights are heavy and especially difficult to lift and move up stairs or around the home. Even for people with no lack of strength. The Sebo X4 Automatic vacuum cleaner weighs only 7.4kg. The handle folds so it is easy to reach under the furniture and with the handle and the hose you can get to corners and crevices. This vacuum cleaner is arguably one of the best vacuum for stairs in 2017.

Easy to empty

Some vacuum cleaners are not fun when it comes time to empty them. There can be a mess involved and it can be awkward sometimes. There is no frustration with the Automatic Pet or X4 Extra though, it  has a 5.3l bag that can be emptied with ease. The controller will detect when that bag is getting full and will light the indicator to let you know when it is time.


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