Black & Decker Dustbuster Review

Black & Decker Dustbuster Review

One thing satisfied customers agree on about the Black and Decker Dustbuster handheld vacuum cleaner is the power such a small machine has. Despite being one of the smaller handhelds you can get at just 4.6 pounds it still comes with the power and suction you want to be able to reach all the nooks and hard to reach places when cleaning. Due to that powerful cyclonic action the dirt and debris is spun away from the filter as soon as it is collected ensuring there is no clogging and no loss of power.

black & decker dustbuster

With this model you get 50 per cent better reach then others so you can reach even the hardest of places to remove cobwebs, dust, debris and so on. No more hurting your back as you try to reach places other handhelds cannot get to. Another great thing about this machine is that it has been designed with a wider mouth so that larger particles can also be picked up. Those cereals your 5 years old dropped this morning at breakfast time are now quick and easy to clean up, no more crunching!

Wherever you are in the home or even the car the Black and Decker Dustbuster can be a handy machine to have. With tools that also store on the cleaner so you do not have to find storage room for them, and potentially lose them, this vacuum can do any job you need it for. When it gets full it is easy to see thanks to the clear dirt container. This is easy to remove and empty, clean then reattach. Plus the three stage filtration system means it works better and has less issues with clogging than some models.


The Battery

The Energy Star approved battery means you conserve power, it takes just an hour to recharge and there is in indicator to let you know when the charge is complete. It comes with a 15.6V Lithium Ion battery Nickel Cadmium which once charged it has a good run time of 20 to 40 minutes. The power can fade slightly over time though but it is still very effective for small cleaning jobs. There is a two year warranty that will cover the charger and battery should you have problems with a fading battery in that time.

Light and small

This is a great light handheld, which makes it one that anyone can use, even people who perhaps have problems with their wrists or hands. You can easily move it around to where it is needed picking up debris and dust. Up the stairs, out to the car, these cleaning jobs are less of a chore when the machine we use is light and easy to carry. If you have curtains, walls, ceilings that need a good cleaning reach for the Black and Decker Dustbuster. When done just store it away in a cupboard where it can be mounted, stored upright or horizontally depending on what you have room for!

Tools and attachments

cordless-dustbusterAs mentioned there are a couple of very useful tools you get along with the machine, a crevice tool and a folding brush tool. Both can be stored in the machine which means they are right there on hand when you need them and you do not have to find somewhere to put them. The crevice tool is good for places like under furniture or the fridge, or in tight crevices like car seats. The brush tool is great for upholstery, pet hair, curtains and so on.

90 degree rotating nozzle

The point of a handheld is how convenient it is and how easy to use the machines are. The Black and Decker Bustbuster is all of that but it also has a rotating nozzle that will move 90 degrees in both directions making it even more convenient and effective. You can reach those hard corners without hurting your wrist.


For small jobs around the home this light and easy to use handheld is a great option. The Black and Decker Dustbuster will pick up after your kids, pets and complete other jobs with ease. But it is not a vacuum cleaner for larger jobs or deep cleaning, it would not replace or be as effective as a larger cleaner. If you want the convenience of having a handheld along with a large machine this gives you great performance and suction. At a great price of under $50 this one is hard to beat.

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