Sebo X4 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Sebo X4 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

There are several upright vacuum cleaners from the Sebo Automatic X range, each precisely designed and made to be effective cleaners without needing a whole lot of effort. They are vacuum cleaners that are reliable and innovative using a computer control system which not only helps make sure the brush is at the best height all the time, it also makes the cleaner perform better.

Sebo X4 Automatic

How the Sebo X4 Automatic performs

Sebo X4This machine has been made to give the top performance it can and that electronic controller is its best feature. This is like a brain for the upright vacuum cleaner, it regulates the resistance of the brush roller against whatever surface is being cleaned. If there is too much resistance the controller lets the power head know so that adjustments to the height can be made. This means you get the best performance out of your vacuum cleaner without having to put in effort yourself.

This is not the only thing the controller can do. It can also look out for things like brushes that become too worn, hoses that get clogged and how full the dust bag is getting. When the warning system finds an issue like that, the controller will let the user know or close the vacuum down. This means as well as improving the cleaning performance of the cleaner, the controller improves how long the cleaner lasts by preventing damage that can happen to components from general use.

Other great features mentioned also on this vacuum cleaner review site is that improve their performance are the 1100 watts of power, making it more powerful than most other competitors, and it has an acceptable 11m radius. The Anti-allergy design means it is good for cleaning homes of allergy sufferers and it has gotten the stamp of approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

Weight and Maneuverability

For upright designs that are lightweight and sleek you might look to the Automatic Pet Upright and the Automatic X4 Extra. You get maneuverability and a cleaner that is easy to lift and move around the home without any kind of strain or risk of injury. No matter your age or current health these are effective and light cleaners easy to use. A lot of uprights are heavy and especially difficult to lift and move up stairs or around the home. Even for people with no lack of strength. The Sebo X4 Automatic vacuum cleaner weighs only 7.4kg. The handle folds so it is easy to reach under the furniture and with the handle and the hose you can get to corners and crevices. This vacuum cleaner is arguably one of the best vacuum for stairs in 2017.

Easy to empty

Some vacuum cleaners are not fun when it comes time to empty them. There can be a mess involved and it can be awkward sometimes. There is no frustration with the Automatic Pet or X4 Extra though, it  has a 5.3l bag that can be emptied with ease. The controller will detect when that bag is getting full and will light the indicator to let you know when it is time.


Best Vacuum for Stairs

Finding The Best Vacuum for Stairs

When cleaning your stairs at home you want a vacuum cleaner that is going to be easy to use and get the job done. There are several things to think about when considering what makes a good vacuum cleaner for stairs such as maneuverability, effectiveness, reaching into the corners and weight to name a few. A lot of people make power a priority and while that might be a factor, for you stairs the top consideration should be is it easy to use on the stairs! There is no point in spending money on a vacuum you have to battle with each time you want to do the stairs. Here are some other things to think about when looking for the best vacuum for stairs.

Best Vacuum for Stairs

Types of vacuum cleaners

When you want to purchase a vacuum cleaner for stairs the key word you want to find in its description is lightweight! A lot of uprights at full size are not lightweight so it is quite possible you have a cleaner already that you are happy with in terms of cleaning the rest of the home but it is not something you find easy to use when it is stair cleaning time. If you prefer the upright style but want one that could work on the stairs there are some lightweight models that could work. Some come with canisters that detach like the Shark Rotator all in one cleaner. You can even get cordless ones.


One option in this case would be to get yourself a handheld vacuum cleaner for stairs. Good brand names like Dyson or more affordable ones like Eureka do some good handhelds that are easy to move around the home and light to hold. Some are quite powerful too so can even handle pet hair or more worked in debris. Some later models even come with their own attachments and some are cordless too if you do not want to deal with a cord and want the option of using it for a car.

Features to look for in a good vacuum cleaner for the stairs

The key components to a good vacuum cleaner for stairs are the same whether you go handheld or upright. You want lightweight, portability, long cords or cordless, attachments for small areas and crevices, a portable canister if it is an upright and it would be great if it had a pivoting head. While there are varying degrees in how much a pivoting head moves, something that does 180 degrees would be good. VacuumPick has a detailed list of the best vacuum cleaner for staircase. Checkout VacuumPick’s Best Vacuum For Stairs.


Attachments can be very helpful when you are doing awkward cleaning like furnishing and stairs. Deep cleaning brushes and crevice tools will help you get to the corners and reach into the carpeting if there is some and get out even deeply imbedded pet hair. Just make sure that there are not too many which then puts more weight on the cleaner or makes it awkward to use. You should at least want a hose that is 3ft or longer and a crevice tool!

Many people do better with a cordless cleaner when it comes to stair cleaning. You can get handhelds with Lithium Ion batteries that are rechargeable so that you do not have issues with power fading. Such a device would also be very handy for people who have pets to clean up the occasional clumps of pet hair, as well as for people who live in busy homes where the occasional accident happens and needs cleaning up. Get one with several brush options and the best kind of filter (HEPA) so that there are fewer tiny particles left floating around your home.




Black & Decker Dustbuster Review

Black & Decker Dustbuster Review

One thing satisfied customers agree on about the Black and Decker Dustbuster handheld vacuum cleaner is the power such a small machine has. Despite being one of the smaller handhelds you can get at just 4.6 pounds it still comes with the power and suction you want to be able to reach all the nooks and hard to reach places when cleaning. Due to that powerful cyclonic action the dirt and debris is spun away from the filter as soon as it is collected ensuring there is no clogging and no loss of power.

black & decker dustbuster

With this model you get 50 per cent better reach then others so you can reach even the hardest of places to remove cobwebs, dust, debris and so on. No more hurting your back as you try to reach places other handhelds cannot get to. Another great thing about this machine is that it has been designed with a wider mouth so that larger particles can also be picked up. Those cereals your 5 years old dropped this morning at breakfast time are now quick and easy to clean up, no more crunching!

Wherever you are in the home or even the car the Black and Decker Dustbuster can be a handy machine to have. With tools that also store on the cleaner so you do not have to find storage room for them, and potentially lose them, this vacuum can do any job you need it for. When it gets full it is easy to see thanks to the clear dirt container. This is easy to remove and empty, clean then reattach. Plus the three stage filtration system means it works better and has less issues with clogging than some models.


The Battery

The Energy Star approved battery means you conserve power, it takes just an hour to recharge and there is in indicator to let you know when the charge is complete. It comes with a 15.6V Lithium Ion battery Nickel Cadmium which once charged it has a good run time of 20 to 40 minutes. The power can fade slightly over time though but it is still very effective for small cleaning jobs. There is a two year warranty that will cover the charger and battery should you have problems with a fading battery in that time.

Light and small

This is a great light handheld, which makes it one that anyone can use, even people who perhaps have problems with their wrists or hands. You can easily move it around to where it is needed picking up debris and dust. Up the stairs, out to the car, these cleaning jobs are less of a chore when the machine we use is light and easy to carry. If you have curtains, walls, ceilings that need a good cleaning reach for the Black and Decker Dustbuster. When done just store it away in a cupboard where it can be mounted, stored upright or horizontally depending on what you have room for!

Tools and attachments

cordless-dustbusterAs mentioned there are a couple of very useful tools you get along with the machine, a crevice tool and a folding brush tool. Both can be stored in the machine which means they are right there on hand when you need them and you do not have to find somewhere to put them. The crevice tool is good for places like under furniture or the fridge, or in tight crevices like car seats. The brush tool is great for upholstery, pet hair, curtains and so on.

90 degree rotating nozzle

The point of a handheld is how convenient it is and how easy to use the machines are. The Black and Decker Bustbuster is all of that but it also has a rotating nozzle that will move 90 degrees in both directions making it even more convenient and effective. You can reach those hard corners without hurting your wrist.


For small jobs around the home this light and easy to use handheld is a great option. The Black and Decker Dustbuster will pick up after your kids, pets and complete other jobs with ease. But it is not a vacuum cleaner for larger jobs or deep cleaning, it would not replace or be as effective as a larger cleaner. If you want the convenience of having a handheld along with a large machine this gives you great performance and suction. At a great price of under $50 this one is hard to beat.

Vacuum Cleaner Types

Type of Vacuum Cleaners

There are such a variety of options on the market today for types of vacuum cleaners and what kind of features they come with. A lot of customers faced with such choices will buy one of the first vacuum cleaners they see with all the bells and whistles as they think the more the better, and really do not like to vacuum shop anyway! But there are advantages and disadvantages to different types of vacuum cleaners and it really does help to learn about some of the basics so that you are better informed before you hand over a lot of cash! Here is a general guide to those types in the hopes it can get a vacuum cleaner that better suits your needs for a fair price.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

bagless vacuum cleaners

The obvious advantage to getting a bagless styled vacuum cleaner is that once the dirt cup that holds the debris is full you empty it and them re-attach and keep cleaning. In most cases you can see how full it is already and not have the problem of starting a clean only to find the bag is full then having to chuck it and put in a new one. You also do not have the problem of realizing you have not bought replacement vacuum cleaner bags, or the ongoing cost of getting them. Be warned though that sometimes it can be messy emptying the dirt cup, dust can billow out and sometimes you have to do some shaking to get it all out. On the plus if you accidentally vacuum up the kid’s Lego you will see it and be able to recover it easily if messily.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

upright vacuum cleanersIn general the majority of uprights come with the same or very similar tools and accessories and have the same selling points. A strong motor, bag or bagless, a hose and a beater all on wheels to move around the home easily. These also tend to be one of the more expensive types of vacuum cleaners, you can get uprights for around $200 but a quality one from a good manufacturer is more likely to be closer to $500. You can clean carpeted floors and hard floors with them especially if you can turn the brush roll on and off, and adjust the height setting. Most come with hose extensions and wands for reaching cobwebs and such. However on the down side most are quite heavy and are not easy to use in small spaces or on stairs. A lot of owners with uprights will opt to have something light like a handheld for those jobs.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

handheld vacuum cleaners

Handheld cleaners are great for taking care of spot jobs or for reaching places a larger vacuum cleaner cannot. It can deal with cereal spills at breakfast time, your stairs, your car, upholstery and dusting. Most models come with very similar features so there is not a huge difference between them. Handhelds are also the best vacuum for stairs.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

stick-vacuum-cleanersIf the upright style is something you prefer but those full sized uprights are too heavy for you to maneuver the stick vacuum cleaner may be the best type of vacuum cleaner for you. This is especially a better option if you live in a home or apartment with hard floor surfaces rather than carpeting. These cleaners do not have beaters and rollers like uprights. Something like the Eureka broom vacuum cleaner will be able to take care of tight spaces, hard flooring, furnishings and furniture. Most come with a dirt cup rather than a bag. They are super lightweight and easy to move around and can also come cordless as the smaller motors need less energy.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

canister vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are the type that come in a canister shape with a long hose attached to it that you pull along as you clean. They are particularly effective and easy to use on hard floors, curtains, stairs and vertical surfaces. If you have hardwood flooring and are wondering what cleaner to get a stick would be fine if it is a smaller space, but a canister would be best for a larger home. You can get different sized canister cleaners and some come with certain attachments. A canister will collect the dust and dirt and send it to the container you pull around. It will need emptying when it gets full. Some come with HEPA filters which is best kind as it removes even tiny particles of dander, dust and pollen making it great for allergy sufferers.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners


The most modern and latest trend in vacuum cleaners if the robotic cleaner. There are a number of advantages to them, after programing there is little need for interaction, you can do other chores, relax or go out even. They have dirt sensors to guide them and heads that are adjustable for different floors and carpeting. Some also have side brushes to get those edges and reach right up to the furniture. You will have to empty it now and then but it will dock itself and recharge when it needs to. Roomba is the leading model but there are other options and more manufacturers are coming up with their own versions. There are some issues still though with this new technology, some do not clean as effectively as regular vacuum cleaners, some lock themselves in rooms accidentally, and you need certain items if you want to set up a route where it skips some rooms. Also this is a more expensive option.

Central Installed Vacuum Cleaners

central-installed-vacuumThere is an option to have a centralized vacuum cleaner so that there is no need to pull or push machines around as you clean since all you have is a long hose. Examples would be the Kenmore, Imperium or Beam centralized cleaning system. It works as it has pipes that run through the walls that connect to a motor somewhere like a garage or closet. All you have to do is get your hose, attach it to an inlet (usually there are 3 or 4 set in around the home) and then go on with your clean. The dirt and debris go to a central collection point that you need to empty but this needs to happen far less often than other bagless cleaners. This vacuum cleaner system is quiet too and super easy to use for everyone. However be aware this is something an expert should install and it is another expensive option.

Carpet Steamers and Shampooers

carpet steamers

While steamers are not really vacuum cleaners as such since they do clean your floors we have included them in our list. The days where to clean your carpet with a deep clean meant hiring professionals or hiring a carpet cleaner are gone. You can now have your own steamer or shampooer. Some cleaners use steam power and some use soap, chemicals and hot water. Most tend to look very much like vacuum cleaners in shape and maneuvering. They have revolving heads that agitates dirt from the carpets and work the solution deep down. Some come with a spray you can use on more stained areas. Every now and then our carpets need a good deep clean rather than just a vacuum and this is a great option to get that done.